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Thanks for choosing Party Bus Rental Merritt Island. We are the best party bus company in Merritt Island, Florida with thousands of options to choose from. Explore Merritt Island with a party bus rental and enjoy all the luxuries offered from party bus service. Call us to find out why we're Merritt Island's number one choice for party buses, limo buses, and more!

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Party Bus Rental Merritt Island

Party Bus Rental Merritt Island Florida is an amazing way to celebrate. A Party Bus Rental in Merritt Island, Florida also takes the hassle out of travel planning by providing everything that you need for a successful celebration. When traveling with a group to the home of Walt Disney World, there are many things that make this place unique. With a Party Bus in Merritt Island, you will have access to all the best places and attractions in the area.

From nightlife to theme parks, there is something for everyone. You can choose from several different types of vehicles including limousines, buses and luxury cars. Party Bus Rental Merritt Island Florida comes equipped with drinks bars, video games consoles and dance floors! There are even pool parties available if you do not want your guests spending all their time partying!

Do you need a party bus? If you're in the Merritt Island area, you'll want to check out local company Merritt Island Bus. The most popular rental for medium to large sized groups are bus rentals, more commonly known as coach and charter buses. These buses are usually suited to fit anywhere from 45 to 65 passengers on each bus with storage space for additional belongings. Bus rentals are popular with universities and schools for their ample seating that makes group transportation a breeze. A coach bus rental can be used to pick up entire groups and transport them to destinations like hotels, venues, stadiums, and popular events as a group.

They have a vast selection of buses and can service parties of any size. Whether you're looking for a bus for your prom, birthday party, or wedding, they've got you covered.

If you need bus charter services as well, Merritt Island Bus is one of the best party bus companies around. They'll make sure your trip goes smoothly from start to finish.

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20 Passenger Party Bus Rental Near Me

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22 Passenger Party Bus
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40 Passenger Party Bus Rental Near Me

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45 Passenger Party Bus Rental Near Me

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A1limobus.com provides party bus rentals, shuttle buses, and charter bus rentals all types events, from birthday parties to corporate events, and everything in-between! From South Beach to Tallahassee, we service ALL of Florida. With our wide variety of rentals available, you'll be sure to have a blast! We also service the following cities: Plantation, East Lake, Deerfield Beach, West Palm Beach, The Acreage, and Largo.

Much Does A Party Bus Cost In Merritt Island?

Find the best deal. We are the cheapest limousine and party bus service in Merritt Island, FL. You have probably looked around for a party bus or limo at least once in your life for an event you were planning. Have you ever noticed that every website looks exactly like the next? Every page and every picture look pretty much identical? That is because they all utilize the same images from massive internet image banks. Every company has access to these photos! Just because you see a nice photo of a limo on someone's website does not mean that it is actually their vehicle!   A party bus rental can transport 15-30 passengers around the Merritt Island area comfortably and in style! You can arrange for pick up and drop off services for locations such as airports, hotels, and local events. Merritt Island has plenty of things to do and offers many activities for everyone to enjoy. Visit our things to do guide below to see what there is to do in Merritt Island.

In Merritt Island Florida, party bus rental prices vary based on the features of the vehicle, the number of passengers that can ride with you, and whether you're renting the bus for just a few hours or an entire day.

The length of time you'll be renting the party bus can affect its price. A party bus rental for just a few hours might cost $150 to $200 per hour while renting a bus for 12 hours costs $500 to $700.

The Best Merritt Island Limo Bus For A Sports Game

In Merritt Island Florida, everything is bigger. The city is home to some of the largest sporting events in the world and with that comes a big party atmosphere. If you're looking for a way to get from place to place, consider renting a limo bus, party bus or shuttle bus for your group.

Merritt Island Limo buses are great for tailgating before the game and can be used afterward to go out on the town for after parties. A limo is always a classy option if you want something more sophisticated or intimate. Shuttles are also available if you have a large number of people to transport. 

Booking a Merritt Island limo bus rental for your next sporting event?

Chances are you're already excited about the game, but that doesn't mean you have to spend all your time worrying about driving! With a limo bus service, you can focus on having fun and getting pumped up to cheer your team on to victory.

Whether it's basketball, football, or baseball (or any other sport!) hiring a Merritt Island limousine bus rental company is the perfect way to get pumped up before the big game. Don't worry about traffic and parking—let a limo bus service handle that! A limo buses is all about comfort and luxury, so you can relax in style while we handle transportation.

Even if your team loses, you'll be happy to know that with a Merritt Island limo bus rental company like us, your transport home will be smooth and easy. We make sure you have everything you need for an amazing time. And even though we can't guarantee that your team will win…we do promise stellar customer service!

Your Big Day, Your Way: Party Buses And Limos For Weddings

Your big day is coming soon, and you need a ride that suits your style. We've got lots of options at Party Bus Rental Merritt Island!

When you're planning a wedding, the last thing you want to worry about is how you're getting around. We've got all sorts of vehicles for your special day, including limousines and party buses! When you choose a vehicle with us, you know you'll be riding in style and comfort. We even have wedding buses and limos. You can't go wrong when you rent with us!

Luxury Limo Service For Your Next Night Out

An airport limousine service is a vehicle that you can rent and use to travel, whether you want to go to the airport or just around town. It is similar to a taxi, but nicer and more luxurious. There are many different types of airport limousine services and not all of them offer the same quality of service. In order to ensure that you get the best type of limo for your special event, it is important that you take some time before you decide on which company you are going to hire for your occasion. Some companies offer better quality cars than others do and this will play an important role in what kind of vehicle you choose for your transportation needs. A party bus is the perfect way to get around town, grab your best friends and visit some local Merritt Island bars, clubs or restaurants. Contact our reservation specialists and create the perfect schedule so you can focus on having fun and not about the transportation logistics! Party all night in a VIP 20 passenger party bus rental, perfect for small to medium sized groups.

If you're planning a night out in Merritt Island Florida, why not make it extra special with the help of Merritt Island Limousines?

We offer a variety of limos and buses, capable of transporting 25 people at a time, so you can party with all your friends at once! Our hourly limo rental will let you explore the city and have an evening out with friends—or go to a concert in style.

Our party bus service includes everything from exotic cars to traditional limos to party vans. Whatever you need to make your night out extra special, we've got it right here for you.

Book A Sprinter Limo To Take You To The Airport In Merritt Island

Until we discovered the Merritt Island rental limo service, we'd always had trouble getting to the airport in time for our 8:30am flights. Trapping ourselves in a cab or driving our own car was an exercise in frustration, especially with traffic and construction delays. But now we can relax knowing that there's a limo waiting for us at the airport to ensure we're on time for our summer vacation—and we can even pick up friends along the way! The whole process is so simple that anyone can do it. We just need to follow these steps:

First, you need to see if there's an airport limo service near you. We found out about this company through this company. So far, they've been solid performers—plus their prices are affordable and you don't have to pay extra fees when picking up passengers who aren't part of your reservation (i.e., friends).

Once you've found the company and made your reservation, you'll have to call them as soon as possible because they only hold vehicles for 45 minutes before they're booked until next month (or beyond). And that means if you're not at your house by 10am or earlier picking up your ride, chances are slim that you'll get picked up on time.

Every morning you should check the weather report before going anywhere! If it looks like rain or a hurricane headed towards your area, it's best not go anywhere because things will most likely be flooded or shut down altogether. If it's sunny and clear though then definitely leave home early enough for safe travel!

Renting a car to pick you up and take you to the airport has never been easier, thanks to Merritt Island sprinter limos.

Whether it's a special occasion or just another day at home, we can cater to a range of needs. We offer private car rentals for both small parties (i.e., one person) and large parties (up to 20 people). No need to call your parents to ask if they can drive you—just call us!

We offer sprinter van rentals in Merritt Island, Florida, as well as other types of vehicles for rent. Our fleet includes SUVs and full-size cars, so whether you need a luxury sedans or an SUV rental, we've got you covered.

In addition to renting out our vehicles, we also provide airport transportation services in Merritt Island, Florida. Whether you're getting picked up from the airport or taken there after your trip, we'll make sure your experience is smooth and efficient.

Welcome To Merritt Island!

Visit Merritt Island and Let Party Bus Rental Merritt Island Take You There!

Merritt Island is one of the most beautiful and beloved places in Florida, and it's easy to see why. With its tropical climate, natural beauty, and abundance of activities, the island is a perfect getaway spot.

Maybe you want to get out of town for the holidays or take a break from Orlando's theme parks. Or maybe you're just looking for a staycation and want to explore what your own backyard has to offer. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of fun things to do on Merritt Island, and our party bus transportation services will ensure you have an amazing time!

The island has lots of outdoor areas where you can picnic or enjoy various watersports. It's also home to lots of wildlife like alligators and manatees that can be seen in their natural habitats or in local parks.

And if you're looking for even more adventure, there are plenty of activities that can be enjoyed at night as well!

The Melting Pot

Address: 2230 Town Center Ave Ste 101, Melbourne, FL 32940, United StatesPhone: +1 321-433-3040

Osteen Park

Address: 425 S Tropical Trail, Merritt Island, FL 32952, United StatesPhone: +1 321-633-1874

Frequently Asked Questions About Merritt Island Party Bus Rentals


How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Merritt Island Party Bus?

Our pricing is based on the size of the bus you want to rent, and how long you would like to have. You can contact our team to get an instant personalized quote on our many vehicles.


Can You Rent A Merritt Island Party Bus?

Yes! We can rent you a party bus for your special occasion, big or small. We have a wide range of Merritt Island party buses to choose from, so we're sure to have something that will fit your style, budget, and the number of people you need to seat.


How Much Do I Tip The Driver?

A good rule of thumb is to tip between 10% and 20% of the order cost, with 15-20% being a good average if you're not sure. With us, you DO NOT need to worry about this. Our pricing includes gratuity!


What Types Of Buses Are Available For Hire?

We have the largest selection of Limousines, Stretch Limousines, Mid-Sized Limousines, Luxury Sedans, Passenger Vans, Sprinter Vans, Corporate Shuttles, SUV's, party buses, limo buses, exotic cars, and Specialty Vehicles in the area.


How Far In Advance Should I Book My Party Bus?

Party bus rentals are extremely popular during the holiday season, so we recommend you start planning your rental as early as possible. We can't guarantee availability during the busiest times of the year, so book ahead of time and save yourself some stress!