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Find the Right Limo Rental in Coral Springs, FL

If you find yourself in need of a limo or party bus rental while you're in busy Coral Springs, Florida, look no further that our company, Luxury Limousine. We're the right company for you, providing the right atmosphere for any special occasion. We are the number one rental service in Florida, with the largest selection of both limos and party buses that you can reserve. You're sure to the find the right vehicle for your celebration!

Looking for a big vehicle to help you stand out from the crowd? Why not look at one of many Hummer limos that can hold 20 people. If you need more room, look at our party buses that can hold up to 50 people. We also feature classic stretch limos, so you ride with a classic.

In Coral Springs, we know you have many options for traveling around the city. Why worry about dealing with traffic or finding an elusive parking space? We can transport you anywhere you need to go in Florida, letting you sit back and enjoy the ride.

From the time you arrive in Coral Springs until you're ready to go home, we can help with your transportation needs. Whether you arrive at Fort Lauderdale - Hollywood International Airport or find yourself at Palm Beach International Airport, we've got your back and can help with airport transfers or drive your group around the city.

At Luxury Limousine, we're ready to help you with any special occasion. Are you getting married? We can arrange transportation in one of our limos to the wedding venue in comfort and style. If you're about to have your big prom night, we can provide a limo that'll help you stand out from your other classmates.

Coral Springs is one of the biggest cities in Florida, and we know there are plenty of options for entertainment even if it's not as big as Jacksonville. Even if you come here for business, find some time to plan for a night out on the town. Get a group of your coworkers together and have some fun. Reserve a ride with us and get driven around in your choice of limo or party bus.

Whether you're in Coral Springs as part of your vacation or you're living there, you can contact us at Luxury Limousine to help you make the most of your time in the city. We offer a selection of amenities available in select vehicles, such as charging ports to help you when traveling by providing and convenient and modern touch.

When you're in Coral Springs, there are a number of things to see and do, so count on us to get you there. Contact us today to find out about reserving a vehicle for your trip or special occasion.

Wedding Day Celebrations

If you are planning a wedding, give us a call and see how we can help make your big day extra special. Make arrangements for one of our limos to drive the bridal party to the wedding venue. It'll be an special start to your big day and is sure to take the edge off of your nerves. After the vows and rings have been exchanged, hop into your limo for a ride to the reception, or just allow us to drive you off into the sunset at the conclusion of the festivities. We can even deliver you to the airport if you're flying out on your honeymoon.

Don't forget your out-of-town guests when you're making wedding plans. Many people reserve hotel blocks for them, but you can also provide transportation. We can pick your guests up from the airport and deliver them to the hotel. We can also drive your group to the wedding venue, to save you from having to worry about logistics like where everyone is going to park. You also won't have to worry about Aunt Sally getting lost because she forgot her GPS if we're driving. Everyone will be together.

Special Occasions

At Luxury Limousine, we can help you celebrate any of life's special moments or occasions. If you're getting ready for prom, don't forget to pick out a limo to arrive in. Our vehicles have plenty of room for you and your friends, so why not pick out one from our inventory of rentals. You could pick out an ever-popular Hummer limo or stick with a classic stretch limo.

You can also rent a limo for more private moments. Are you proposing to the love of your life? Why not cap the evening off with a limo ride to the beach? You can also pick up your loved one from their work or school to celebrate their birthday, taking them to their favorite restaurant. You could even have your grandparents' ride in a limo to their golden wedding anniversary celebration. What we can do is only limited by your imagination when planning special events.

Sports and Team Events

If you're interested in sporting or team events, we've got your back. Florida is home to several professional football teams, including the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Miami Dolphins, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Why not ride with a group of your friends to cheer on your local team? We can drive you to the stadium and drop you off. Don't forget to plan for time for tailgating. After the game, we can pick you back up and take you home. There's no need to worry about where you parked the car or being stuck sitting in traffic. We're in charge of the ride.

You can also get one of our affiliate company buses to drive your team to special events or games. Our charter buses are more comfortable than a school bus and provide plenty of room for up to sixty people. We can transport your Little League team or your bowling league. Why not arrive at the finals match rested and relaxed rather than exhausted from your journey. Charge your phones or tablets on the drive to be able to take plenty of pictures when you get a bus with charging ports.

Things to Do in Coral Springs

Coral Springs, Florida is located near other popular destinations, including Fort Lauderdale and Miami. You'll find lots of different activities to take part in, as well as things to explore, from art galleries to local parks. Don't forget to spend some time at the beaches, as well. From Miami to Hollywood, you've got your choice of sun and sand. Spend some time on the water before heading back to a museum. Check out some of the things you can do around Coral Springs.

Beaches and Water Activities: Make sure to schedule plenty of time while you're in Coral Springs to enjoy the beaches. You can also rent equipment to enjoy the water, such as jet skis. There are also numerous companies that can take you SCUBA diving in the waters off of the Southern Florida coast, such as the American Dive Centre and No Shenanigans Diving. You can even take classes to train you what to do before you go into the water.

Tall Cypress Natural Area: Enjoy this nature preserve with dense cypress canopies. You'll find plenty of areas to walk and explore the native flora and fauna. You might get lucky and see animals such as the great horned owl or little blue herons. Watch out though, as you might also encounter alligators and snakes. Keep away from the water's edge and don't feed the wildlife while you explore this area of Florida.

Broward Stage Door: If you're interested in theatrical performances, come visit this theatre. The tickets tend to be reasonably priced and the acting is phenomenal. You'll enjoy musicals of a variety of types, so check out what shows are going to be performing while you're in town. Grab dinner first and make a cultural night of it.

Sawgrass Nature Centre and Wildlife Hospital: This is a volunteer-driven site dedicated to protecting and treating wild animals. Volunteers spend their time caring for and nurturing wildlife, and you can visit and see what they do with their days. If you come in the summer with children, you might be able to have them take part in one of the centre's summer camps to learn more about wildlife. The centre also has exhibits that you can explore when you visit.

Coral Springs Museum of Art: This site features a well curated selected of art that you can enjoy. It has a rotating selection of modern art pieces that tend to be bright and colorful in this small museum. There's even a small gift shop where you can pick up a souvenir to take home.

Butterfly World: This is an exciting experience for nature lovers, where you can come to be educated about butterflies and see all of the stages of their life cycles. You can purchase plants to feed the butterflies or pick up snacks and have a picnic at the site. This experience is a short drive from Coral Springs and is well worth the visit.