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Charter Bus Hialeah, FL Rentals

As you explore the city, Charter Bus Hialeahl will make your travel plans so much easier. We’ll help you with everything from planning to execution, and make sure you have a great time. Our team is available 24/7 for any concerns or questions that might arise during your trip. You can book one of our vehicles or request a quote by calling us or visiting our website today!

Celebrate good times with friends and family with Charter Bus Hialeah. For a minimal cost, you can throw a private party on our Charter Bus. Unlike the conventional venue, you have the ability to bring the party to various locations. For your transportation needs, charter bus rentals in Hialeah still remain the number one choice. You have lots of Charter buses, shuttles and minibus rentals to choose from. These can be booked at your convenience for an economical rental price.

Hialeah Charter Buses and Minibuses for Rent Near Me

Charter bus rental Hialeah has three types of charter buses based on passenger count. Our largest Charter Buses and Motor Coaches have a maximum seating capacity of up to 50 people. Meanwhile, Shuttle Buses and minibuses are mostly booked for local trips such as educational tours for kids and family road trips. Depending on the make and model, our shuttles can transport small to the mid-sized group consisting of up to 30 passengers.

Charter Bus Hialeah has listings of charter buses and minibuses for rent near your location. In every listing you’ll find information about each bus, including the type of bus, seating capacity, amenities and more. You’ll also be able to find the business address so that you can visit them in person. They may have additional information that is not on our site and they might have other types of buses available for rent not listed with us.

Special Occasions

  1. Airport Transportation – skip the long taxi lines and the hassle of transferring from one cab to another. With our motor coach, we can transport everyone and each of their luggage straight to Miami International Airport.
  2. Prom and Homecoming Dances –build fun and memorable high school experiences. Book a shuttle or coach with your friends and enjoy the travel inside our bus.
  3. Birthdays –treat your guests like VIPs. With our Charter bus, they would feel just that. Our modern and sleek Charter bus will make your birthday party special. Travel to the venue with everyone or much better, go on a road trip without specific destinations.
  4. Wedding Transportation –make your wedding a smooth and relaxing event. With our largest Charter bus, all guests will arrive together at the venue just like how you’ve planned it.
  5. Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties – holding stag nights in a casino and with strippers is so yesterday. Have a new way of celebrating stag and doe party by arranging a Charter Bus to pick up everyone. Enjoy the privacy and the relaxing atmosphere as you visit several party scenes in Hialeah.

Level up your kid’s pretend play by holding his next birthday party inside a Charter Bus. Your child will love the fact that he’s the real deal. Organize some fun games to encourage imagination and creativity while they’re having fun.

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A1limobus.com services all types events, from weddings to corporate events, and everything in-between! From South Beach to Tallahassee, we service the entire state of Florida. With a wide variety of rentals vehicles available, travel stress free with our premiere group transportation services in the following cities: Palm Beach Gardens, South Bradenton, Palm Bay, Lauderhill, Buenaventura Lakes, and Pompano Beach.

Hialeah Charter Bus Rental Prices

All year long, we have exciting discounts and special packages offered to our clients. Our website has a form which asks for your travel information. Fill it out completely so we can calculate your rental cost. We do not offer fixed prices. Our Charter bus prices and minibus rates differ per customer. Each customer has a different destination, passenger count, and duration of travel. That’s why we need to know your travel info first. We have expert and personable team of customer service that’s ready to assist your booking needs.

Things To Do

Travel Destinations in Hialeah

According to the American Automobile Association, tourism is the primary industry in Florida. So it's no surprise that Miami's second largest city, Hialeah, is a hotspot for travelers seeking culture on their next vacation. The popular attraction of the area: Hialeah Gardens and its zoo.

The zoo was originally built in 1912 and was then called the Beaches Zoo. It's known for its exotic animals: rhinoceroses, a white tiger, an elephant herd and both a camel and ostrich … all housed in separate exhibits.

But let's start with Hialeah Gardens itself: As you enter through its grand entrance gates, you'll be greeted by an epic fountain display as well as lush greenery and flowers on either side of you immediately upon entering. You can't miss this amazing sight!

On your right will be the Seaquarium—the Florida version of a marine life museum. You'll see sharks and tropical fish swimming around pools filled with waterfalls and rocks looking at them while they swim around happily! They have some great displays showing the different types of fish from aquariums around the building that look like little glass castles which are quite beautiful! It also features dolphins that jump out of their tanks to welcome visitors as well!

Continue walking down Entrance Drive until you reach Southwest Tenth Avenue where your hotel or rental car agency should be located already waiting for you at one of those iconic street corner buildings people love to visit because they look so colorful with bright yellow roofs!

Hialeah Charter Bus Company

Let’s say you’re headed to the Miami Open at Crandon Park. You and your group would be wise to call up Charter Bus Hialeah for transportation to ensure that everyone gets there safely and on time. There are so many moving parts when it comes to planning a trip, especially with a bunch of people involved, so we try our best to make the transportation part as easy as possible.

You can meet us in downtown Hialeah, or we can pick you up from the hotel where you’re staying. No matter which option works best for your group, our friendly drivers will make sure that everyone is transported safely and comfortably (you can even pack snacks if you want). They’ll drop off your entire group right at the Miami Open grounds, where you can go enjoy all of the tennis matches and tournaments! Once it’s over, they’ll take your crew back home (or straight over to a late-night dinner spot), making sure that everyone has an enjoyable ride after an exciting day in the sun.

Weddings Transportation: Hialeah Florida Motorcoaches

If you're planning a wedding in Hialeah, Florida, we're here to help. As a leading charter bus rental company, our goal is to provide the best service and the most reliable transportation options to fit your needs. Our fleet of custom-made buses and minibuses are immaculate with plush seating and plenty of space for whatever you need it for. For example, if you're having a couple's retreat or an anniversary party on wheels, be sure to check out our private party buses. The spacious interior can accommodate 10 passengers at once and also features separate tables for dining so that everyone can have their own time during the event. With shuttle services available from Miami to several locations throughout South Florida, Charter Bus Hialeah has all of your wedding transportation needs covered!

Minibus and Motorcoach Rental in Hialeah Florida

Looking to book a private bus rental in Hialeah? Charter Bus Hialeah is your one-stop shop for all group transportation needs. Whether you're interested in booking a coach, minibus, or shuttle bus reservation, we can help you find the right vehicle and the lowest price on rides to concerts and other events in Miami-Dade County.

Concerts are an exciting way to spend time with friends and family. Here are some of our favorite tips for planning your next big show:

Choose the perfect venue: Miami is packed with theaters and concert halls of every shape and size. From small clubs, to massive arenas, there's sure to be something for every kind of music lover!

Find tickets: It's important that everyone in your group has tickets to get into the show. Check out StubHub!, Ticketmaster, or one of many similar sites so you have guaranteed access before you arrive at the theater.

Create a memorable experience: Concerts create wonderful memories for years down the road! Make sure everyone has plenty of water (especially if it's a hot day), bring snacks, don’t forget to charge your phone or bring a camera along so you can take pictures!

Be prepared: There are lots of things that could go wrong at any given concert. Don't drink too much alcohol (you want everyone in your group will make it home safely!), wear closed-toe shoes (you'll never know what might be underfoot), check the weather before leaving home (rainy days aren’t fun!), and finally don't forget sunscreen (nobody likes a sunburn!).

Private Hialeah Shuttle Bus Service For a Corporate Events

As a business owner, you may find yourself in charge of setting up transportation for your company’s corporate events. There are numerous benefits to renting a professional shuttle bus service for corporate events. We’re here to offer some guidance on how you can get the most out of your shuttle bus rental.

A corporate event is an opportunity for your employees and other stakeholders to socialize, celebrate success and build stronger relationships among one another. Before you begin planning your next event, it’s important to understand the different kinds of transportation services offered by charter bus companies that are ideal for corporate events:

Airport Transfers – we specialize in providing airport transfer services to and from Hialeah area airports. Our chauffeurs have years of experience navigating the local area and getting guests to their destination quickly and safely. Whether flying into Miami International Airport or Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, our fleet is equipped with experienced drivers that can handle all of your airport transport needs with ease.

Hialeah School Bus Rentals For Field Trips

One of the best ways to get your child excited about a field trip is by providing transportation that will make him or her feel as if he or she is going on an adventure. This is something that Charter Bus Hialeah can do for you. We have a fleet of charter buses and minibuses that are designed to provide super comfortable trips with modern conveniences, so they're perfect for long-distance travel. The air conditioning will keep everyone from getting too hot, there's plenty of legroom, and the entertainment options include movies and television shows. 

Hialeah Coach Bus Rentals To Major Airports

If you are arriving from out of town, a coach bus rental is the best way to go. Our luxury fleet travels to and from all major airports including Miami International Airport, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, Palm Beach International Airport and Orlando International Airport.

We will even pick you up with your luggage in hand! We make it easy for you to travel into Hialeah in style.

Best Neighborhoods in Hialeah

Hialeah, Florida is an amazing place to visit. The suburban city just outside Miami has a little something for everyone. If you’re looking for the perfect neighborhood to visit with your charter bus, we have some ideas for you.

North East Hialeah

The area of NE Hialeah is close to the Miami Racetrack and Casino, so you can get there quickly and easily with your minibus rental from Charter Bus Hialeah.

Palm Springs North: This small suburban neighborhood is just west of Miami Lakes, but still only 10 miles from downtown Miami. It’s a quiet place with plenty of space in each home. Often people choose to live here so that they can be close to the city while still having enough green space around them that they feel like they’re away from it all. There are many single-family homes and apartment complexes, as well as condos and townhouses. Most people use a private vehicle or rely on public transportation to get around this suburbia town with their families.


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