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Why Rent a Hummer Limo?

Are you looking for the best limo for a large group? There's a reason Hummer limos are still popular, and that's because of their seating capacity. Most Hummer limousines can seat up to 20 passengers. There are even Hummers that can seat 24 passengers! So when you are planning a wedding, birthday party, bachelor or bachelorette party and want to invite all of your friends, be sure to book a Hummer limo. These rides are also great for large prom groups that don't want to travel in separate cars.

Types of Hummer Limos

There are several different types of Hummer limos. Let's take a closer look at each one.

H1 Hummer Limo - The H1 Hummer has been around since 1992 and is the original flagship vehicle. This vehicle was and still is wildly popular for its rugged design and driving capabilities. It's no secret that this vehicle is used in the Military for transporting our most valuable troops. The H1 has a wide and boxy style differentiating it from the other Hummers in its family. For collectors, the H1 is certainly the most valuable vehicle made by Hummer. Now the H1 Hummer limo can be used to transport you and your friends to any special event!

H2 Hummer Limo - The H2 Hummer was developed in 2002 for consumers wanting a slightly slimmer vehicle with better gas mileage. The H2 Hummer SUV seats 6 people and is longer, lighter and taller than the H1. Some of the H2 Hummers included a truck bed for hauling cargo. This allowed the H2 to compete with other trucks available on the market and eventually became the North America Truck of the year in 2003. The H2 Hummer limo is still one of the most popular rides on the road!

H3 Hummer Limo - The H3 Hummer was introduced in 2005 as a third vehicle in the Hummer family. The H3 is the smallest vehicle among the Hummer models manufactured by General Motors. These rides eventually became popular fleet vehicles for many US corporations, before being discontinued in 2010. There are still many H3 Hummer limos in service, and more being chopped and stretched every day.

What Amenities Are Included in a Hummer Limousine?

Every Hummer limo will be slightly customized based on the owner's specifications. Most Hummer limos include leather seats (often with custom stitching and designs), multiple wet bars with ice boxes, and premium audio equipment. Some Hummers also include disco floors, multi-color laser lighted ceilings, and flat screen TVs. Additional features include gull-winged doors and custom wraps to stand-out from the rest of the rides on the road.

Featured Luxury Limousine - Black H2 Hummer Limousine:

Our beautiful Black Hummer Limousine is perfect for cruising to clubs, enjoying the sites in your city, or for taking your friends gambling at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida. Our courteous and professional chauffeurs will drive you to your destination safely and in style with this sharp black Hummer limo. This limousine features luxurious leather seating, lighted ceilings, a few wet bars, several LCD screens, DVD players, fiber and led optic lighting, AM/FM CD players with Mp3/iPod inputs, and a superb quality sound system. Black Hummer Limos for all areas in the United States, makes every effort to exceed your wildest imagination. We offer service for most major cities, as well as small hometowns. Get Limo quotes, book hummer limos, reserve a hummer limousine and get our cheap rates, as well our weekday specials. There has never been a better way to find the best vehicles in your area, and most important, it's FREE.