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Charter Buses Toms River, NJ Rentals

Explore one of the country’s safest cities with Charter Bus Toms River. Use any of our Charter buses, shuttles and minibus rentals to visit many popular sites and landmarks. Charter bus rentals in Toms River provide quality transportation service for a very competitive price. Aside from offering convenient transportation service, our charter buses are also great for special occasions, too. Celebrate birthdays or anniversaries in our party charter bus and you’ll never look at mobile venues the same way again.

Toms River Charter Buses and Minibuses for Rent Near Me

The type of Charter buses we have is for 30, 40 and 50 passengers. Our Charter Buses and Motor Coaches can transport large groups of passengers to any destination. These buses are fully equipped with features and facilities to ensure the comfort and safety of the passengers while in transit. Groups that are headed for a day trip can take advantage of our smaller vehicles such as the Shuttle Buses and minibuses. Some of bus models can carry up to 30 people in one go.

Special Occasions

  1. Birthdays – forget about the usual and boring parties. This year, throw a birthday party that will surprise your friends. Celebrate inside our party Charter bus and we’ll take the party to multiple locations around Toms River.
  2. Prom and Homecoming Dances –want to travel together with a group of friends to the dance? Forget about riding in small cars. Hire a motor coach that can take everyone to the dance in one vehicle. Enjoy the ride without worrying about wrinkled clothes when you step out of the vehicle.
  3. Airport Transportation –we can help you catch your flight on time. We have plenty of available shuttles and minibuses that can take you and your companions to Trenton-Mercer Airport.
  4. Wedding Transportation –if you’re planning for a destination wedding, make sure to also hire an exclusive motor coach that will transport your guests to and from the reception. Don’t let your loved ones navigate in an unfamiliar place. Make sure that everyone will be transported to their hotels as soon as the event is over.
  5. Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties –you can travel together with your family and closest friends to wherever location you planned. Now you can hold your stag party anywhere without worrying about how your guests will get to the venue.

Hire a Charter bus to conveniently transport you to multiple locations. Musicians and other performers will find our bus rentals convenient and practical. We have the largest charter buses that can accommodate you and the entire production staff. We have plenty of storage for your luggage and other equipment. Our tour buses are designed to provide comfort and security to our passengers while on the road.

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Toms River Charter Bus Rental Prices

On top of our affordable rental rates, we regularly offer rental packages and discounts. We update our website with the latest deals available for you. We also put up an e-form which you need to fill out to know your total rental cost. You may also get a quote by calling a customer service line. For reference, our charter bus rental prices are based on the type of bus you’re renting, the duration of the rental and the places where you’re headed among others.

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