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Book with Charter Bus Rental Riverview, the most reliable bus company in Riverview, Florida. We'll work with you to find the perfect solution for your group. You can choose from our charter buses, motorcoaches, minibuses, shuttle buses, coach buses, and more! If you want cheap bus rental prices in Riverview Florida and a stellar bus charter experience, choose our charter bus rentals!

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Charter Bus Rental Riverview

At Riverview Charter Bus, we make it easy to book reliable and comfortable charter bus rentals for groups of all types. We offer access to a network of hundreds of charter buses, so you can always find a bus that's perfect for your trip.

We understand that comparing vehicles and picking a bus rental from a local company can be confusing. That's why we're here to help! We've done all the work for you by narrowing down our vast selection of buses to give you only the most reliable options at affordable prices for your group.

We are the #1 source for group transportation—we've worked with dozens of companies, schools, family groups, and sports teams with personalized minibus and charter bus rentals all across the area.   The most popular rental for medium to large sized groups are bus rentals, more commonly known as coach and charter buses. These buses are usually suited to fit anywhere from 45 to 65 passengers on each bus with storage space for additional belongings. Bus rentals are popular with universities and schools for their ample seating that makes group transportation a breeze. A coach bus rental can be used to pick up entire groups and transport them to destinations like hotels, venues, stadiums, and popular events as a group.

40 Passenger Charter Bus

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45 Passenger Party Bus

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55 Passenger Charter Bus

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Sprinter Bus

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10 Passenger Sprinter Limo Bus Rental

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14 Passenger Sprinter Limo Bus Rental

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Mini Party Bus Rental

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20 Passenger Party Bus Rental Near Me

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22 Passenger Party Bus

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30 Passenger Party Bus

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40 Passenger Party Bus Rental Near Me

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45 Passenger Party Bus Rental Near Me

20 passenger party bus rental exterior
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A1limobus.com provides party bus rentals, shuttle buses, and charter bus rentals all types events, from birthday parties to corporate events, and everything in-between! From South Beach to Tallahassee, we service ALL of Florida. With our wide variety of rentals available, you'll be sure to have a blast! We also service the following cities: Cape Coral, Palm Bay, Fort Lauderdale, Wellington, Clermont, and Panama City.

Bus Rental Prices in Riverview Florida

How Much Does a Charter Bus Cost? One of the first things most people ask when they start looking into charter bus rentals is, "How much does a charter bus cost?" The answer might surprise you: It depends. A charter bus rental can transport passengers to and from the Riverview area. A bus rental can be used to pick up passengers from places like local airports, hotels, and venues within the city. Riverview has plenty of things to do and offers many activities for everyne to enjoy. Visit our things to do guide below to see what there is to do in Riverview.

The trip's cost will vary based on factors like where you're traveling to and from, how many people are in your group, what time of year it is, and what amenities you need. But don't worry—we're experts in Riverview motor coach rental prices, and we've helped everyone from a high school football team to a business retreat find the best bus for their budget. When you use our booking engine to perform a vehicle search, you'll get an affordable charter bus rental quote that's tailored to your needs.

There isn't one simple price for charter bus rental—your final trip cost will vary based on several factors. This includes your destination, group's size, and date of travel. When talking with a customer service representative about renting a charter bus for your trip, be prepared to give them the pickup and drop off times as well as details about any stops along the way. Also keep in mind that rates rise and fall with the season, so be sure to book early if you want to save money! 

Riverview Mini Bus Rental to Sporting Events

With a Riverview Florida mini bus rental, you can take your team or fan group on the road for an upcoming away game! We're able to arrange transportation for teammates, staff, coaches, and fans heading to the game. Whether you need just one bus or an entire fleet, we're prepared to find the perfect mini bus rental solution in Riverview for your team. A charter bus rental is the ideal method of group transportation for traveling around the Riverview area. Take the stress away with a 50 passenger charter bus rental, perfect for shuttling players, students, and staff to and from venues.

We have both full-sized coaches and compact minibuses at our disposal. If you're looking for something small to transport just your players from the hotel to the field, we even have a 20-passenger minibus available. Go ahead and contact us today to get started on scheduling your team's transportation!

No matter how many people are in your group, we'll craft the perfect Riverview mini bus rental for you. We've got plenty of options whether you're a die-hard fan who has purchased season tickets or a casual observer who wants to cheer on your favorite team at their next game day.

As one of Riverview's top charter bus companies, we have the network and know-how to make your sports travel easy. You can be confident that when you book with us, you'll get both the best minibus company service in Riverview and cheap minibus rental prices in Riverview. 

Wedding Riverview Motorcoach Service

Once you've found the perfect place to have your wedding, it's time to think about how you and your guests will get there! When you rely on motorcoach rentals in Riverview, you can be confident that everyone in your wedding party will arrive at the ceremony and reception spaces on time, in style—and with all of their belongings.

Let us take care of all the motorcoach travel logistics so that you can focus on what really matters: celebrating your wedding day and enjoying every second of your special weekend!

Planning a wedding is no small undertaking. After you've worked hard to pick out the perfect place to have your wedding, pick out the perfect Riverview motorcoaches with us. 

Coach Bus Rental in Riverview: Corporate Event Transportation

Welcome to Riverview Coach Buses, where we help you organize your travel to all corporate events—from business meetings and conferences to trade shows and conventions. Whether you're looking for a ride to the airport or planning shuttling event attendees between venues, we can provide the perfect coach bus rental for any occasion.

We are a professional convention bus service with cheap prices for our coach bus rentals. We have been in the business of transporting passengers and specialize in helping our clients travel with ease. We love helping people wow potential clients and leave a lasting impression at their event.

When you choose us as your transportation provider, you'll find that getting around is hassle-free, because we will take care of everything! You can start planning the best coach bus transportation by browsing our list of coach buses. It's easy to coordinate a number of coach buses for your group so everyone can have a relaxing travel environment during their travels!

If you need a reliable transportation provider for events of all sizes, then look no further than Riverview Coach Buses! We're experienced in providing high levels of customer service and professionalism when it comes to organizing transportation for conventions, conferences, and trade shows—and more! 

Airport Shuttle Bus Riverview Florida

Renting a shuttle bus for airport travel in Riverview, FL: There are many reasons why you might need a shuttle bus for airport travel. Maybe your trip to or from the airport is just too far of a distance from your home. Maybe you're traveling with a group of people and want to cut down on the number of cars it takes to get there. Or maybe you just want someone else to do the driving! Whatever your reason is, if you're looking for an affordable private car rental service, we're here to help.

We have affordable transportation options including:

-Private cars to and from: Our private airport shuttles can take you from the airport to hotels, meeting points, and more. Plus, they can be reserved in advance so that you can have a private shuttle dedicated to your travel group!

-Riverview Airport shuttle buses: Our shuttle buses pick up customers at all of the airports we serve in Florida and take them to their destination of choice. Prices vary based on distance and city served but cost effective for groups. We have 20-passenger shuttle buses that are perfect for large groups traveling together or even just one or two people who want their own driver taking care of everything! 

Things to do in Riverview, Florida

Not sure what to do in Riverview, Florida? Need easy access to wherever you're going?

Look no further. We'll roll you down to all the best places Riverview has to offer, and we'll have you home before midnight.

Are you in need of a quick break from your regular routine? Here's our list of the top 5 things to do in Riverview, Florida:

1. Go on a tour of the historic sites: You can only go so long without a little culture in your life. Take a trip back in time as you explore this city's rich history, from ancient Native American settlements to famous Civil War battles.

2. Get outdoors and take a hike: This town is full of beautiful parks and trails where you can get close to nature and enjoy some quality time with friends or family. Just make sure not to touch any of the poisonous plants!

Boyette Springs Park

Address: 10419 Deepbrook Dr, Riverview, FL 33569, United States

Phone: +1 813-744-5595

Shadow Run Park

Address: 12902 Shadow Run Blvd, Riverview, FL 33569, United States

Phone: +1 813-744-5595 

Frequently Asked Questions About Riverview Charter Bus Rentals


How Much Are Riverview Charter Bus Rentals?

So glad you asked! We're here to give you the scoop on pricing for our charter buses.

When it comes to cost, we have a few things that factor into the equation:

- What kind of bus you're looking for (size, amenities)

- When you need it (day of the week, time of day)

- How long you need it (number of hours)


How Long Can You Rent A Charter Bus?

We'll charge you by the hour, but there is no limit to the number of hours or trips. You can use our services to go on a multi-state road trip, or just to drive down the street and back.


What Is Charter Bus Transportation?

Charter bus transportation is a form of travel in which you charter, or rent, a bus for your group. It's an excellent way to save money and travel time while still getting where you need to go!


What Types Of Buses Are Available To Rent?

We have the most comprehensive fleet of buses available for rent, including:

  • - School buses
  • - Tour buses
  • - Double decker buses
  • - Party buses
  • - Trolley buses


When Should I Book My Charter Bus?

Booking early can also save you money—if you wait until the last minute, companies might charge higher rates to get a driver on short notice. And you'll want that extra savings in your pocket! If you're booking for a large group, you should start looking even earlier—four months in advance would be ideal for anything larger than 30 people.